I Declare Today I Am Blessed

Today is the day God has made for me. And so today I will celebrate and rejoice and be glad.

Today is a blessing for me and today I am blessed.

Today is a miracle.

I am blessed in 2014

Today, the Creator of the Universe is opening the windows of heaven and God’s blessings are pouring down upon me abundantly, exceedingly, above and beyond.

In front of the mirror, I will say, “God, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” My architect is God and I am His masterpiece and one of a kind.

Today, I will smile at the “storms of life” because God is my strength and my portion forever. With God within my heart, I am still and at peace and secure. I soulfully know that He will not leave me nor forsake me amidst the uncertainties of life.

I am a Child of the Most High God.

I am rich. These are my treasures: Time, Family, Friends, Health and Jesus Christ.

My time is precious and gold. My family is priceless. My friends are diamonds. My Lord and Savior is the greatest wealth of all.

Today, I am happy because the joy of the Lord is within me and this joy gives me courage and strength.

Today, I will not be worried. God is my Jehovah Jireh – He is my provider. He will supply all my needs according to His riches in heaven. I do not worry because worrying will only steal and rob me of my joy and strength.

Today, I will give because it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Today, “I can,” – I can do all things because the Lord gives me power and strength. What is impossible to men is possible with God. All things are possible with God on my side.

I will do all things with Love for all my actions and words will only be for the glory of God.

I will celebrate for today is a precious gift. As much as possible, I will use each second of today to utter praises to God and I will dance like David danced.

To God be all the glory!!!


reminders from God