Poem Today


By Alberto P. Casing

TODAY is a day where no other is greater
A special day now, and an extraordinary day later

TODAY is a gift with a miracle ready to happen
Blessings rain down as the Lord opens the heaven

TODAY is a blessing and we should rejoice
For the fact that we live in a life full of choice

TODAY we can move on and learn to forgive
Let go and let God as we continue to live

TODAY is a day where we can express our love
And let hearts fly away with the grace of a dove

TODAY we can begin our new visions and dreams
Achieving them is much easier than it seems

TODAY we should live it just as it is our last
Looking forward to futures, forgetting our past

TODAY we will all learn from yesterday’s events
Now we will joyfully live with our heart’s intents.

Today is a New Day! This is the day that the Lord has made.
Cherish this gift of today. God has opened the doors of opportunities, blessings and increase.

Let go of the pain, hurt, disappointment and failure and Let God dwell in your heart.
As you give a space for God to dwell within you, only then He can lead and direct your steps and He can create a life in you – that “life” He planned for you.

God will give you beauty for those ashes. You can be a head and not a tail. You can lend a hand and not borrow. All these are possible with God for all things are POSSIBLE with Him. You can’t do it on your own but with Christ you can do all things because He will give you strength.

Today – be still and be blessed. Anywhere and everywhere God is there. Pray at all times. Prayer is your soul’s Wi-fi. It is your connection to the divine Creator of all things.

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God Bless You More!